SRI-Bangalore Collaborates with Global Teams to Develop Galaxy AI

New Delhi: As the development of Galaxy AI involved multiple R&D teams working across cultures and borders, Samsung R&D Institute India-Bangalore (SRI-B), the company’s largest R&D center outside of South Korea, collaborated with teams from around the world to develop artificial intelligence (AI) language models for Indian, British, and Australian English, as well as Thai, Vietnamese, and Indonesian, the company said on Monday.

Recently, key engineers from other Samsung research centers visited Bangalore, where the SRI-B team helped scale up the technology to bring Vietnamese, Thai, and Indonesian languages ​​to Galaxy AI.

“Every language has its challenges. But when you consider the end goal of having people communicate in other languages, it’s worth every ounce of effort. We couldn’t wait to bring Hindi to Galaxy AI,” said Giridhar Jakki, Head of Language AI at SRI-B.

SRI-B has developed the Hindi language for Galaxy AI. According to the company, developing the Hindi AI model was “not easy.”

The team had to ensure that over 20 regional dialects, tonal inflections, punctuation and colloquialisms were covered.

“Hindi has a complex phonetic structure that includes retroflex sounds (sounds produced by curling the tongue in the mouth) that are not present in many other languages,” Jakki said.

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