New AI R&D Center Launches in Alabama

New AI R&D Center Launches in Alabama

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By Jolencia Jones, WVUA 23 Digital Reporter

The University of Alabama has opened the Alabama Center for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence in the College of Engineering. The new research center is supported by a $2 million gift in honor of former computer science department chair Dr. Marvin A. Griffin. The center aims to unify new and existing work across campus to expand AI research, education and outreach.

Dr. Clifford Henderson, dean of the School of Engineering, said the launch of the ALA-AI Center represents a transformative moment in artificial intelligence research and education at the University of Alabama.

ALA-AI will serve as a hub for studying the mechanisms and key applications of AI. It will focus on five key themes:

  1. Advancing the science of artificial intelligence and machine learning methodologies
  2. Promote human-centered AI applications for the benefit of society
  3. Ensuring the ethical development, deployment and use of artificial intelligence
  4. Cultivating AI literacy in the workforce and society through lifelong learning initiatives
  5. Foster a vibrant AI research and education community through academia-industry collaborations

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